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Which of your books is going to interest me, and what order should I read them in? That totally depends on your taste in genre and style. If you prefer speculative fiction, We Can Be Heroes is a self-contained novel with no surprise sequels.

Buy It! For ultimate relaxation, you can cruise around the pool or lake in this motorized inflatable, which you control via remotes on the arm rest. Read on for 17 of the most bonkers yet so necessary rafts, floaties and ride-ons that are sure to inspire Insta-envy in even the most casual of followers.

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It was always hard to define exactly what Tumblr was. It was — and is, I guess, although the latest news about the platform banning adult content seems like a nail in the coffin — something truly unique. It rapidly grew a wild and fractious user base, split into dozens if not hundreds of communities united by niche interests.

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The full ebook single is available from The Atavist. Late on the morning of the 15th day, December 2,light finally peeked through a crack in the curtain that hung over the passenger-side window. Ben lifted the curtain and looked outside.

Instead, Kevin Glass rocked calmly in the witness chair and told the court how on Dec. He glowered. One hand was cuffed to his chair, and he leaned forward and leveled his free hand at Glass like a striking cobra.

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It's pretty much a miracle that any of us survived childhood in the s! Parents exposed kids to secondhand smoke and let them run wild in the streets. Sugar was in everything and hazards lurked everywhere. Given today's hands-on style of parenting, it's hard to believe some of the things that were "normal" for kids in the '60s.

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And it means a world of financial regret is on the horizon. Being uneducated about investing can only be an excuse for so long, too. Start educating yourself with a tool called the internet.

Carita de Angel Here's something I've literally never been able to figure out: Why the aunt on Carita de Angel a show about a little girl growing up in a boarding school wore a different-colored wig every time she was on screen. And not only that, but it would have to match her nails and outfit. Like, what?


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