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Worries about the declining academic performance of boys, a topic of increasing alarm this past decade, have intensified recently. It seems that boys are being judged both unduly harshly and leniently at school. Which means that the issue of what to do with underperforming boys just got a lot more complicated.

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By Laura Cox for the Daily Mail. A former teacher and football coach has been charged with rape after he allegedly bartered with students, offering better grades in exchange for sex. Casey Hauff, 32, faces is accused of exploiting his role in the small town of Atoka, miles southeast of Oklahoma City.

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PROVO, Utah — A former teacher is behind bars after he allegedly attempted to arrange a sexual encounter with a teenage girl, and court documents indicate the man claimed to have traded higher grades for sexual favors in the past. According to a statement of Probable Cause, Stephen Brink began chatting online with someone he believed was a year-old girl on May However, that individual was actually an undercover investigator with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

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It's long been known — by both classroom teachers and researchers — that the average female out-performs the average male when it comes to report cards. This starts early in elementary school and continues on through college. It is also consistent across academic subjects, including math and science. But the reasons girls earn better grades than boys aren't well understood.

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By Jane Ridley. Kids with same-sex parents do better academically than those raised by a man and woman, according to a new study. European economists found they attained higher test scores in elementary and secondary schools and were about 7 percent more likely to graduate from high school than children raised by couples of the opposite gender.

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Charles Penn, 41, was working as an economics teacher when he allegedly told a year-old girl that she could raise her grade by performing sex acts on him. Police say the incident happened on June 11 and that Penn had been overheard by another female student who corroborated what happened. He has a preliminary examination scheduled for Jan.

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September 25, The analysis, published today in prestigious journal Nature Communicationscasts doubt on the view that there are fewer women in STEM-related jobs because they aren't as capable in those subjects as men—a notion that has been supported by the concept that gender differences in variability lead to gender gaps in associated fields. In their meta-analysis, the UNSW researchers compared gender differences in variation of academic grades from over 1. A classroom with more variable grades indicates a bigger gap between high and low performing students, and greater male variability could result in boys outnumbering girls at the top and bottom of the class.

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An Arizona teacher convicted of sexually abusing a year-old student will spend the next 20 years behind bars. Zamora, a former teacher at Las Brisas Academy, tearfully apologized to the victim and his family during the sentencing hearing. He told his stepmother that he had sexual contact with his sixth-grade teacher.

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Critics suggest dramatic reforms to the way in which A-levels are assessed are unfairly in favour of boys over girls. Boys have overtaken girls in achieving top A-level grades for the first time in 17 years, amid dramatic reforms to course curricula. Pass grades have fallen overall for candidates receiving results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but girls appear to have struggled more than boys overall. The gender gap has been decreasing over the past few years, down from 1.


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