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Beyond breathtaking sunsets and sour, gelatinous pie, Key West, Florida, has historically been famous for its gay culture. Queer icons from Divine to Leonard Bernstein used to slut it up at the many gay bars and men-only guesthouses the island was known for in the s and 80s. Tennessee Williams, the ultimate daddy, lived for years in a small house on Duncan Street with his "secretary" Frank Merlo.

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Last summer in Wisconsin, a mother came home to find her year-old son running up the stairs from their basement. He yelled that a man had broken into the house and raped him. A police officer apprehended Eugene Gross, who was 51 years old and H.

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The heartwarming exchange has become an internet sensation after being posted on Twitter by the teenager's older sister. This teenage boy must have been fraught with worry about the terrifying prospect coming out as gay to his straight best friend. But, much to his surprise and relief, his revelation was met with sincere acceptance and support.

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I am 22, gay and from Melbourne. I could be friends with fem guys, but unlikely for a relationship. And the very rare time I match with a guy who is my type, the conversation fizzles out because I suck at small talk.

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J effrey Robert gets why queer people are pissed off. He's pissed off, too. Despite promising on the campaign trail to support the LGBTQ community, Donald Trump quickly proved, once again, that campaign slogans are nothing but empty.

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A lot of gay teens want to be in relationships and it is common for them to ask the question: "How can I get a boyfriend? For another teen, the problem has been holding different expectations than the guys he is meeting. These are just a few examples of guys looking for boyfriends taken from the many, many teens who have written into the LGBT site about wanting a relationship.

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If you thought the controversy over giving the HPV vaccine to girls was heated, just wait for the fight about the boys. A government health panel is expected to vote soon on whether to recommend vaccinating boys and young men against the human papillomavirus. Sincethe vaccine has been advised in girls and young women ages 9 to 26 to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts — though only about a third of those eligible actually have received it.

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Do potatoes count as carbs? If you feel like a potato, are you a carb? Do you need to kick your junk food habits out on the curb no pun intended? Are moccasins better than brogues?

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Im a 28 year old gay guy looking to meet new people in Paris at the end of this month. Not after anything kinky just a laugh at a place with good vibes! I know le Marais is the area but is there a particular place where I can go for a drink alone and meet new people?

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Welcome boys sorry, no girls to a cool and fun hangout where you can meet new friends or random strangers in a friendly environment. You can register a nickname or chat anonymously as a guest user. You can make your selection below.


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