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He grew tense, shook his head and turned away. The bills have amused some people and alarmed others, who aren't sure if the stains come from real blood, if the cash is counterfeit, or if the bills were marked by an exploding dye pack during a bank robbery gone wrong. Thousands of these tainted bills are in circulation around the city, but their source is no longer a mystery: They're a marketing gimmick for Casa Diablo, a Northwest Portland strip club that is taking U.

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With the dollar having rallied more than 19 percent since the beginning ofinvestors are seeing gains in overseas stock markets eaten up by losses against the greenback. Some say there aren't enough of these products for investors looking for international exposure. But how many do you have in the euro zone?

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We are heading down to Vegas in November. Do any the casinos take the Canadian Dollar at Par? I know years ago they did in Reno but thats Reno.

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The world may be gradually going cashless, but there are certain economies for which cash might always be king. Few of these professions conjure images of bills flying around as much as stripping, but what actually happens to this money? Where the hell do the dancers keep all those dollar bills? Who else gets a cut?

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Judging from an informal survey of the online Ultimate Strip Club List, there are more than 2, strip clubs in the United States. And enough money flows through these clubs that the Federal Reserve has taken notice, but not because of anything illegal. Strip clubs nationwide have started giving two-dollar bills as change, a noteworthy new trend because few places other than strip clubs order the bills from their banks.

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All of our productsWalmartply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Protect your business from loss due to counterfeit money with the Dri Mark Dual Detector. Walmartbines a high wavelength, high intensity UV light, with the dependable counterfeit detector pen.

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The idea of using metal threads in money to thwart counterfeiters was patented back in in England. However it was another century before a bank put the idea into practice, and its effectiveness at deterring criminals from copying bills has been mixed. When held up to the light, the strip left a black line visible in the note.

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This past weekend, a friend visiting our house told us that the anti-counterfeiting strip put in newly printed paper money can be used to determine how much cash you are carrying. I did not get this in an e-mail but my bank teller in Kirksville, MO told me this one. We had a good laugh about it and we both agreed that the Govt.

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Well, believe it or not; the United States dollar bills have a large number of hi-tech security features, making the dollar is one of the most advanced currencies in the world. The US also have a dedicated government agency, the Secret Service, specializing in combating counterfeiting. So why such an intense focus on combating fake bills?

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Bu t if your at Ballys you probably better off going to stage door for cheap drinks because its right behind Ballys. Hopefully that gives you an idea distance-wise. Call into Bills on your way. Before you go into Casino Royaleplay the free promo slots out front.


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