Beer bottle tricks breaking bottom

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I found out today, that if you take a full beer bottle, with about 1. The question is, how the heck does it work? Probably some sort of shockwave effect going through the water to the bottom of the bottle causing it to blow out.

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I really like beer. No, I really like beer. Luckily for me, and the recipient of the box that happened to be a friend of mine, the beer-soaked box was still delivered, although a few weeks later than planned my guess being so it could dry and still, you know, be a box.

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Follow RSS Email. Today we are going to look at how to avoid the dreaded bottle bomb when homebrewing your own beer. I recall my first bottle bomb vividly.

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But sometimes, despite our best laid plans, we find ourselves without one of these handy devices. So what to do when the only thing standing between you and a delicious glass of wine is a pesky, 2-inch cork? This is the technical term for opening a bottle with a saber. Locate the seam of the bottle, which runs lengthwise from top to bottom.

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Say what? Heads up to EvaZebra for discovering the revolution on Twitter, you should follow us there too. Well, it has been confirmed to work many times over with a variety of different MagSafe adapters from iPads to MacBook Pros, a gazillion of these images have been tweeted at us so it surely works, but we strongly do not recommend doing this yourself as it could break the MagSafe cable, damage the adapter, or cause who knows what kind of ruckus.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Recently at a party, I saw empty wine bottles that had the base cut off so it could be placed over a candle.

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But like any profession, there are some bad seeds; bars and their keeps who -- often with some nudging from management -- use little scams to either shortchange customers or squeeze extra cash out of them. To help ensure you're not one of those customers, we asked several bartenders to share with us the shady side of the business. And they gave us these nine bar tricks that you should absolutely watch out for.

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It's summer. A nice cold one would go down awfully well, but where's that bottle opener gotten to? You've searched the utensil drawer, rifled the stack of silverware next to the grill, and patrolled the grounds asking anyone if they've seen it, but it hasn't turned up. Before you try opening your beverage with your teeth bad idea, and more on that later or smash the bottle against a chair in a fit of despair, consider some of these many ways to open a beer without a bottle opener.

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Because whoever has the alcohol is in control, and the man behind the bar could be ripping you off. Jon Taffer, who has started, flipped or owned more than bars and clubs during his career, is the host of Spike TV's " Bar Rescue. Their house is on the line.

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If you have wine or liquor to move to your new home, it's a good idea to ensure the bottles are properly packed so that you don't lose any of your stock. Bottles can break easily if they are not packed well, and broken bottles means a real mess, not to mention a loss of potentially valuable or at least coveted libations. Packing bottles for shipping takes the most care, of course, but even short moves call for careful planning to prevent damage. Check your inventory of bottles and determine what you really want to keep before you start packing.


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