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By Patrick Sawer. Natalie Farzaneh's torment at the hands of her cyber-bullies reached such a pitch that at one stage she even considered taking her own life. Though she never went through with it, Natalie did begin self-harming — scratching herself till she bled and quite literally tearing her own hair out.

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Bullying has always happened in the school playground, but now cyberbullying, which takes place online or via a mobile phone, is taking over as the preferred way for children to be mean to one another. According to ChildLine's latest report about online cyberbulling, concern about online bullying has risen by the staggering figure of 87 per cent since Websites such as Facebook, Bebo, YouTube and MySpace, along with instant messaging facilities and gaming forums are unwittingly making it easier for online bullies to target their victims and often remain completely anonymous.

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I hope it updates you and provides an instructive viewpoint on the way in which teens approach technology use, friendships, online hate — as well as what they are enjoying most and what they are liking the least. Here we go!! I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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It was a Saturday in December,and Roberts had told his family and friends he was headed up north for the weekend. Roberts finally confessed. He also spoke about cyber addiction at a U-M campus lecture this past September.

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I might have, but who knows. It was my first day of class and when put on the spot I speed sweat and spew word vomit more vile than the fried-egg-tequila mix I threw up last Sunday. I look a lot like a human blow-up doll and have found that stupidity is expected of me.

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Forgot your password? Teens are always on their phone, chatting away with friends in cyberspace using a number of social media apps. Parents are usually surprised at how many different ways kids can come up with to do basically the same thing.

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For most teens, the Internet is so much more than a tool for school research, YouTube videos and online games. It also is a huge part of their social lives. Even texting is a huge way for kids to communicate on a regular basis.

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According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center72 percent of teens use the platform, which now has more than 1 billion monthly users. Instagram allows teens to chat with people they know, meet new people, stay in touch with friends from camp or sports, and bond by sharing photos or having discussions. But when those friendships go south, the app can become a portal of pain.

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John Dillinger was a bank robber whose tool of trade was a machine gun. But in today's cybercrime era, the weapon of choice for "John Dillinger" is an MSR, a card-writing machine used for encoding bank account numbers and other data onto the magnetic stripe of bank credit and debit cards. In March, he was one of many thieves who struck Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo and other banks and credit unions in a cash-out operation that made national headlines and involved stolen debit-account and PIN numbers taken from a hacked database.

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You may not realize it, but your mood is heavily influenced by where you live. Research shows that most people spend the greater part of their lives either at home or in the workplace. People that work at home are even more affected by their home environment. When you love where you live, it is easier to be happy.