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In English, we have plenty of ways to curse, but for the most part we tend to rely on a small and rather unvaried stable of fallback words. As in English, most Chinese swearing centers on fucking and its related accoutrements the pussy and penis. There are, however, a few major differences between the two languages.

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Why 2? That show was a reaction to the first Shanghai Biennale. The title was an interpretation of the closest translation of its Chinese name, Uncooperative Approach.

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My family speaks Hindi and sometime after I learned how to ask for a cup of water, I insisted they teach me how to swear. It was pretty enlightening. This list is courtesy of these wonderfully foul-mouthed sitesas well as people from all over the world who were a little too excited to teach me to curse in their language.

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This website offers more than just a Chinese to English and English to Chinese dictionary, it offers various tools such as: flashcards, quizzes, text annotation, Chinese text input, written Chinese and more. The MDBG dictionary is used in many schools and universities all over the world, discover why! Pinyin words should be entered without spaceseither with or without tone numbers: ni3hao3 or nihao.

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Anyway, here are some of the most commonly used swear words that fall into that category:. This is the kind of talk that can get a bottle of Yanjing beer thrown at you. For some reason, there are plenty of insults in Chinese having to do with eggs.

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Twenty-nine years later, the new generation of artists from the Far East has internalized this rebellious spirit, bringing it together with a taste for satire which sometimes creates problems with the authoritieshowever without denying its initial roots. Provocative and traditional, to the point that some of their works appear to revisit the old-fashioned propaganda of the Communist Partyalbeit with a touch of parody. This is the group that was put together for a flash-show, open in May and which will end on June 30th at the Ethan Cohen Gallery in New Yorkfounded in by the gallery owner who is an expert in contemporary Chinese and Japanese art.

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Now, swearing in Mandarin is not the same as swearing in GermanFrenchor Spanish. So, practice your Mandarin tones whenever you can. The translations from Chinese to English sound like odd curse words.

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Toggle navigation. Swear Articles Swear Stats. How to say fuck off in any language! Language Phrase Meaning Afrikaans voetsek pronounced footsak get lost, fuck off Afrikaans Fokof Fuck off Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off Arabic qalab wighek fuck off Arabic Airy Fic Fuck Off Arabic moroccan kawed Fuck off!


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