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About one in five American adults admitted in a survey to having peed in the pool. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps even confessed back in that peeing in the pool is an acceptable thing to do. When we're in the pool for two hours, we don't really get out to pee.

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In fact, during the Summer Olympics, several athletes made headlines by admitting that this frequently happens. While this may seem merely unappealing, a recent study suggested that urine can actually combine with the chlorine disinfectant in swimming pool water to make potentially harmful chemicals. The study found that a chemical in urine and sweat, called uric acid, undergoes a chemical reaction with chlorine to produce two substances— cyanogen chloride and trichloramine.

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Think about the last three people you talked to today. Picture their faces. Statistically speaking, every single one of them pees in the pool and so do you.

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There was a time when certain bodily functions were off-limits in polite conversation. But we've become a society that reads "Everybody Poops" to their children. The "pee tape" factors in the political dialogue.

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Not only is this untrue, but the chemical reaction that occurs between your pee and the chlorine creates a chemical that has been linked to asthma and other respiratory issues. Nitrogen trichloride, also known as trichloramineis made when the urea in your pee reacts with chlorine—the disinfectant widely used in swimming pool water. Nitrogen trichloride is largely made by accident in pools these days, but this compound was originally made for interest in by Pierre Louis DuLong.

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The average backyard swimming pool could have about two gallons of urine in it. You know that sharp odor of chlorine from the swimming pool you can recall from earliest childhood? It turns out it's not just chlorine, but a potent brew of chemicals that form when chlorine meets sweat, body oils, and urine.

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Things like the amount of rat in your burger or all the bacteria living on the subway pole. Add to the list: The amount of pee in the average swimming pool. As NPR recently reported, chemist Xing-Fang Li, a professor at the University of Alberta in Canada, has developed a test that can tell just how much of that chlorinated water is actually something a little grosser:.

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A new technique measures an artificial sweetener in pools to estimate how much pee swimmers have left behind. We know you would never do it. But some people pee in swimming pools and hot tubs.

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In the Aug. Peeing in the pool creates chemicals toxic enough to be classified as chemical warfare agents. Because it probably will.

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It is an antisocial act that normally goes under the radar, but many swimmers have long suspected the truth: people are peeing in the pool. Now scientists have been able to confirm the full extent of offending for the first time, after developing a test designed to estimate how much urine has been covertly added to a large volume of water. Regular swimmers with a keen sense of hygiene may wish to stop reading now. The test works by measuring the concentration of an artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium ACEthat is commonly found in processed food and passes through the body unaltered.


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