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Most guys like to believe that they are unstoppable sex machines, but the truth is, by the time they reach middle age, nearly nine men out of ten have experienced some loss of penis sensation. While this is not necessarily a sign of a serious health problem, it can have some unpleasant consequences. Men with reduced penile sensitivity may find sex to be less pleasurable, or they may have difficulty reaching orgasm.

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Retarded or delayed ejaculation RE is one of the least common, understood, and researched subsets of all male ejaculation disorders. As a result, a male may experience difficulty orgasming with a partner during intercourse, as a vaginal, oral, or anal sex do not recreate the intense level of stimulation that one is accustomed to. Regardless of the idiosyncratic mechanisms, the inherent lack of stimulation and inability to orgasm during sexual intercourse that may be attributed to DGS can cause frustration and stress within a sexual relationship.

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With the easy availability of online porn, there has been an increase in concerns that aggressive masturbation by men may lead to a loss of penis sensitivity. Certainly, any man who cares about his penis health wishes to avoid such a situation. But is there evidence that this is actually occurring? And if so, what can a man do about it?

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ManHood is an undergarment that works as a foreskin substitute. This makes the surface of your glans dry out and toughen, damaging thousands of sensitive nerve endings intended to bring pleasure. As you grow older, the damage worsens due to the daily wear and tear on your exposed glans.

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As more and more men learn about sensitivity loss from circumcision and aging, they look for ways to feel more. Various products purporting to meet this need and improve sexual sensation have entered the market. Now, without making any product endorsements or claims as to their efficacy, we'll tell you a little bit about some of the available products — things that men whose penises lack their natural protection the foreskin might use to make sex and masturbation feel better.

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The clitoris is having a moment. People are finally recognizing that it's the epicenter of many vulva owners' sex lives, and research is shining light on its large and complex structure. Yet many myths about the clitoris remain.

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